Coolest Bird Pictures

We have scoured the earth's surface to find the funniest and coolest bird pictures. Enjoy!

baby bird, duckling, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Amazingly cute baby duck eyeballing the camera. She's too cute to look tough here even though she is clearly trying.

baby bird, ducklings, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

More ducklings, this time siblings going for an early morning swim. One of our cutest editions to the coolest bird pictures page.

ostrich, cool ostrich, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

A curious ostrich being nosey while he stares at the camera. This is in fact the largest living species of bird. You should see how these animals eat corn out of a plastic cup. Hilarious.

rare cockatoo, black palm cockatoo, coolest bird, amazing bird, cool bird

The amazing, beautiful and rare Black Palm Cockatoo. Sadly because these animals are so rare, they are often poached and sold off to private buyers.

sweet bird, awesome bird, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

This guy just had to make it into our list. Funny little fella. The people's pet.

goose, goose landing, coolest goose, funny bird, cool bird

It's the Spruce Goose! When a goose goes in to land on water it is generally quite a clunky and odd scene. This picture is evidence!

scary owl, funny owl, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Scary owl. Eeeek. Freaky Owl.

Cool Owl, Funny owl, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Cool owl. This owl looks so relaxed it's funny. He is the Big Lebowski of the owl world. We love his semi-open beak too. He could be saying, "ehhhh, wassup!"

parrot, funny parrot, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Don't mess with this parrot. He's a bad parrot.

Peacock, Cool Peacock, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Male peacocks are amazing and this guy certainly deserves to be on display with the world's coolest pets.

Cockatoo, Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

Friendly Sulfur Crested Cockatoo from Australia. This guy was found in the Blue Mountains region of NSW.

Toucan, Cool toucan, coolest bird, funny bird, cool bird

One of South America's most famous feathered friends, the Toucan. One of the most colourful birds alive.

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